World Missions Outreach


Love Him First Ministries supports what WMOC is all about.

Rev Larry Wright founded World Mission Outreach in 2001 with his wife Donna. They provide shelter to those without a roof and reach the lost. They are winning the war on poverty by equipping people spiritually, physically, through education and discipleship. This is only scratching the surface of the passion that World Missions Outreach thrives off of. Book your next mission trip with WMOC.  Check out their website at

  • Provide food for over 15,000 children daily.

  • Founded & Partner with over 80 Nicaraguan Churches.

  • Provide a school & education for over 350 children

  • Link Children with dedicated sponsors for education, food, clothing and medical needs.

  • Community Street Evangelism

  • Medical and Dental Clinics

  • Minister regularly at the local prison.

  • Mission team trips & Accommodations

  • Village Ministry



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